Greenlights for Nonprofit Success

What they do:

Founded in 2001, Greenlights for Nonprofit Success (“Greenlights”) has helped thousands of nonprofit leaders build the capacity of nonprofits throughout central Texas. By offering innovative programs, forums and expertise on topics ranging from management and marketing to fundraising and board development, Greenlights has taken a lead role to strengthen central Texas nonprofits through consulting, education, networking and resources. More than 300 area nonprofits have joined Greenlights, and many more have utilized its services.

What we funded:

Crossroads Conference

Greenlights conducts an annual “Crossroads Conference” as its signature event. The conference is designed to help area nonprofits build capacity by providing a gathering place to share best practices and big ideas, assisted by high quality speakers from around the country. The conference attracts over 400 nonprofit professionals, including staff members, board members, volunteers, philanthropists and individuals who assist nonprofits with marketing, finance, insurance, fundraising, planning and other operations issues.

Silverton Foundation funding helped to underwrite the 2004 Crossroads Conference.

Capacity Building – Organizational Assessments for Silverton Grantees

The Greenlights Organizational Asssessment Program for selected Silverton Foundation grantees is offered to: 1) assess internal capacity needs of Silverton grantees, and; 2) provide related consulting services, workshops, peer learning opportunities and support to build capacity in these organizations.

The Program began in 2005 with services provided to four Silverton grantees.  This experience has highlighted successes of the model of intervention, as well as ways in which the model can be improved for enhanced success and sustainability.

Through the Program, selected Silverton Grantees receive a package of consulting, evaluation and planning services, along with peer support resources, designed to assist management/leadership team in identifying key questions, goals and areas of importance in the evolution and growth of their organization, and designing and implementing action plans around those goals and areas.

Click here to read a more comprehensive description of the services, resources and process involved in the organizational assessment process.

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