The Future of Social Entrepreneurship

The Future of Social Entrepreneurship is a partnership between the Foundation and the Institute For The Future.  This research project was designed to explore the current state of the field of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise as well as emerging trends and possible futures. We examined the rapidly evolving landscape of connective, aware technologies along with other global trends that could affect the future of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

The project involved extensive comprehensive and systematic interviews with over 100 practitioners, researchers and policy creators to dissect their models and projects for innovation, impact and sustainability. Through our journey into the past, present and future states of the social entrepreneurship landscape, we explored the core drivers of change in social enterprise and how these might be harnessed by social innovators in creating sustainable strategies for tackling wicked social issues facing our world and transforming societies. The Future of Social Entrepreneurship project intended to enact global thought leadership and engage global discourse on the future of social entrepreneurship.

The insights and knowledge gleaned from this project culminated in the book Impact Imperative: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investing to Transform the Future, released in October 2019. Copies of the book can be ordered here, or if you are a qualified non-profit and would like to request a copy please email us directly.



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