For us, imagining change is the first step. Imagine that every human being has a chance for happiness, health and hope. Imagine disadvantaged communities supplied with fully loaded tablet computers, books and resources to help children learn to read, write and succeed in school. Imagine new technologies bringing a world of knowledge to the teachers and children in low-income communities or remote villages. Imagine that people in under-served communities have access to medical care for easily treatable conditions. Imagine a playground oasis in an area of strife.  Imagine the ripple effects throughout a community of people empowered to improve their lives.


The Tingari-Silverton Foundation invests in change makers who are addressing our world’s most debilitating socioeconomic challenges, at both the local and the global level.


In Australia, the United States and around the globe, we seek change makers who dare to imagine a more egalitarian world, and who are facilitating efficient, cost-effective, socially impactful strategies to pressing and entrenched social challenges.

Through our program investing, the Foundation supports social entrepreneurial ventures which reduce socioeconomic disparity and advance economic and social inclusion. We are particularly dedicated to supporting ventures enabling people/communities finding themselves in predicaments of disadvantage to attain the skills and resources that enable their own management out of their disadvantage. Through our direct impact investing, the Foundation invests in entrepreneurial ventures whose core mission is positive social impact. Through our community partnerships, the Foundation fosters the advancement of sustainable enterprises with demonstrable social impact as well as greater community awareness of and commitment to those enterprises. Through our research partnerships, the Foundation is committed to seeking and sharing knowledge about leading edge, sustainable social enterprise and practices.

The Tingari-Silverton Foundation is a private international foundation based in Austin, Texas and Adelaide, Australia.

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