General Grant Guidelines

General Guidelines:

The Tingari-Silverton Foundation targets its grant making to serve disadvantaged and underserved populations. We seek organizations with local partners whose programs and processes enable people to emerge from challenging predicaments by building on local tools and resources they need to manage through and out of those challenges.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or for-profit organizations, or provide grants that are primarily for endowments, capital campaigns, ongoing operating expenses, existing deficits, direct support of individuals, or lobbying of any kind.

Geographic Areas:

The Tingari-Silverton Foundation is a private family foundation with deep roots in both the United States and Australia. The founding family maintains residences in central Texas and in the state of South Australia, and as a result focuses its resources primarily, but not exclusively, in these locations.

U.S. partners and grantees: Our U.S. based partners and grantees have historically been primarily in metropolitan Austin, Texas and the surrounding Travis, Hays and Williamson counties. We are typically drawn to smaller neighborhood or community-based organizations which seek to broaden their base of public support in the delivery of their services. Exceptions to this focus are sometimes made for specific programs of larger organizations which have special interest to us in our initiative areas.

International partners and grantees: Our overseas partners and grantees are generally Australia based non-governmental organizations (“NGO’s”) which conduct programs of special interest to us. Often, these programs are active outside of Australia, and the Foundation has funded initiatives of Australian NGO’s in Ethiopia, Vietnam, East Timor, and Bangladesh.

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