Forum Comunicacoes Juventude Oratorio

Forum Comunicacoes Juventude Oratorio (“FCJ”) is the only local East Timorese non-governmental organization working with children and youth at risk on the street in Dili, East Timor’s capital city. The organization initiated its work in 1997, and since then has focused on the protection of children and youth at risk from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The staff work to counter these daily challenges by providing skills – development, non-formal education, psychosocial interventions, and recreational activities such as art, music and sports. The most crucial activity of FCJ is focused outreach efforts; FCJ patrols the streets both day and night toward the goad of knowing the children and youth, their frequented locations, their problems and needs. Over the past two years, FCJ has provided outreach and support to approximately 250 children working and sleeping on the streets in Dili.

FCJ strives to ensure that the children living and working on the street, children who are among the most marginalized and disadvantaged, have an opportunity to receive care, education and play in hope that they will one day become productive citizens with useful skills, education, self esteem and good morale. In this regard, FCJ is contributing to the development of a social system for addressing vulnerable populations. Growing disillusionment with East Timor’s economic opportunities is resulting in more families sending their children and young men to Dili to seek employment. FCJ is on the forefront of developing solutions for a problem on the verge of exponential growth and resulting negative impact on the Timorese community.

Read more about FCJ, its project strategies and activities by clicking here.

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